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Zesters allow you to create personal oil and spice blends and then serve and enjoy them, all  on one beauitful piece. Zest garlic, citrus fruits on the rough center of the zester. Drizzle your favorite oil or vinegar on top, add salt, pepper and your favorite spices, and allow the flavors to marinate. Use your favorite bread or veggies to soak up the flavors and enjoy!  Zesters are also a fun way to roast  and serve garlic. Each zester comes with instructions and inspiratons for ideas on how to use. You are only limited by your imagination and palette.

A perfect gift idea!

Zester - Aqua

  • Each zester is approximately 6 3/4" in diameter.

    Each item is hand thrown and glazed, and because of this there will be natural variations in both size and color. This is a natural and beautiful part of handthrown items; enjoy! Your piece is one of a kind.

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